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Guests' Comments

Over the years we’ve had hundreds of comments, overwhelmingly good. If you stay here you can look back through the old guest books on a lazy Sunday. Here are a few from the past. (If any previous guests read this and object to me publicizing their comments please let me know and I will immediately remove them.)

The very first comment was Nov. 1988 - a couple from Geelong "Ideal Festival Fulchrum." The festival refers to the Castlemaine State Festival held for 10 days every two years.

Dec. 1988 - a cyclist on the Great Victorian Bike Ride. "I’m gonna buy this place before 2001." Stiff apples cyclist, it’s still ours.

Feb. 1989 - a Bentleigh family "Better than the Hilton."

March 1989 - a Chadstone family "We were the guests of 1 dog, 2 cats + 4 chicks and had a great time." Over the years our various animals often took centre stage for some visitors, especially Toby Dog and Big Kit and the horses. Just to clarify, the chicks refer to hens. Unfortunately all of our animals are now gone.

July 1989 - a return visit from a "Wooragee" family continued their first joke on the seclusion of Claremont. "We knew we had to dodge them so we traveled quick and far, and you know those silly bastards still don’t know where we are."

April 1990 — Warracknabeal couple. "Delightful place — peaceful — feelings of other worldliness — enviable seclusion — uplifting - perfect." Late 1990, early 1991 We had some "ghost" mentions. I think it was the vivid imagination of an early writer inspiring other imaginations. "I heard many bumps in the night!" It has not been mentioned for a long time.

Jan. 1991 West Australian couple. ".. intended staying a night…   …ended up staying a week."

Sept. 1991 Sunshine couple. "Pleasant stay. Would stay longer but prices 15% too dear" One danger of writing in a guest book is that other guests can comment on your comment. (And the owner can put you on his web page!). We didn’t lower our prices.

March 1992 Violet Town family. "One night wasn’t enough after my parents’ initial culture shock." Hmmm

March 1992 "We had this peace once …   ’found it again here." Double hmmm

July 1993 Frankston family "We found it totally different to anywhere we’d ever stayed. The kids loved it and they didn’t even have time to ask where the T.V. was." Good job, they wouldn’t have found it. However, we have since put one in rather against our inclinations because one family just had to watch the footy final, a desire I can appreciate, historically appropriate or not.

Dec. 1993 Family from Japan. "We had a really good time …the shooting and billiards were my first and stimulating experience." Pre gun law changes.

Jan. 1994 Queensland family. "We enjoyed the historic feel of your lovely cottage despite initial trouble with the pot belly stove. What a special pup! What about incorporating the attic as an upstairs bedroom? Thanks so much." The stove works well, but call me if you want lessons, the pup I am afraid is gone, the attic is now the upstairs bedroom/sitting room.

Oct. 1995 Blackburn family. "The woodstove was warm, the evening chorus of frogs was a special country treat." April 1996 Springvale family. "Lovely rustic charm. Is it for sale?" Nope.

April 1997 Brett. "Wild"!

July 1998 Callum. " Love your dog Toby he is really wicked, he rules. The beds are really comfy too especially the electric beds." Relax, we haven’t lost a customer yet.

Aug. 1999 "Wonderful peace and quiet. Hope to be back for more therapy."

Nov. 2001 "Back again after Oct 95 visit. Still very nice and upstairs is terrific."

Dec. 2002 "The ladder for the bunk bed is under the bed, it’s just the other people who couldn’t find it."

May 2003 Mirboo Nth. Lady. "Thank you for sharing your piece of Australian history with us."

Oct. 2003 Preston couple. "Lovely place for a spring wedding."

Nov. 2003 Sandringham group. "Great place for a Melbourne Cup holiday."

Jan. 2004 West Brunswick 12 year old. "I loved the Coach House, but are these the original cobwebs?" Listen kid we’ve been told it’s better than the Hilton!!

May 2005 Albury. "Sensationally orgasmic."

May 2005 Woomanghma. "Very nice." I must admit I would have been a bit stuck. Sensationally orgasmic is a hard act to follow.

July 2005 Merbein couple. "Stayed at the Carlton Crest last night so the contrast is extreme. This is much more our cup of tea." Take that Jan.2004 twelve year old.

Nov. 2005 Wodonga child. "Great to see the kangaroos."

Jan-March 2006 English family. "What can I say, heaven,…"

15/12/09 We didn’t make our fortune gold panning, but the stay made up for it. Many thanks, a beautiful place and very interesting. Keith and Kate Gorlin Shropshire, England.

19/3/10 Thanks for a lovely stay; a very special place. Ken + Ruth. Stratford, Vic.

22/2/10 Great place, celebrated my 51st here, could not have been better. Very friendly hosts, thank you for a great stay. George+Karen, Greymouth N.Z.

25/3/10 A beautiful place…. Far from the madding crowd. Ann, Helen, Ruth+Clare. Vic

2/4/10 We had a beautiful, peaceful time. We met the cat and Ian. Thanks for a little slice of Heaven. Cheryle + Phillip.
Ed. Which one’s the cat?

19/9/10 What an absolutely beautiful retreat. My father and I enjoyed the Coach House, the balcony for breakfast, the beautiful garden and the sound of frogs. Deborah+Frank

29/9/10 It’s impossible to keep the kids away from the ponies, the guineas and the frogs. Tania Martin, Holly, Louis, Matilda, Nanna + Grandpa.

2/1/11 The sound of frogs sending us to sleep and the birds waking us up, lovely! The Palmers

25/3/11 The perfect escape from the rat race and the noise of the grand Prix. Vic+Liz

24/4/11 Had a wonderful and peaceful stay in this historic and quaint accommodation. (With all mod-cons). Murray +Leonie Wright, Albury)

22/7/11 A lovely place to stay! Big kitchen for lots of food. Thanks so much, hope we will be back soon. P.S. Loved the horse and the cat! The Fawcett+Falkland-Brown families.

4/9/11 Snug and warm, very peaceful, wonderful rest. John+Libby Ray, Regents Park, Queensland.

19/9/11 Talked to the cat several times. Thanks and will be back. Graham+Linda.

5/11/11 We caught sight of roos in the back yard. Thank you for keeping such a quiet and comfortable place for us travellers and the little kindnesses. Len+Bev N Carolina, USA.

6/1/12 We had a lovely stay and the kids enjoyed sleeping in the horses’ room. Jones, Brighton

17/1/12 Thank you for such a great floor, couldn’t have got a better floor, where did you get that floor! Lucy from Wellington.
Ed. It was just there when we bought the place.

20/2/12 When can we move in? Jess and Finn Melbourne via NZ+Tasmania

6/4/12 lovely and ideal getaway for this family of four. Well suited to older children. We loved the gentle breezes flowing through, the rustic beauty and our youngest enjoyed exploring around the cottage and seeing the horses.

12/6/12 What a lovely setting. Thank you Rebecca.
Ed. Our daughter looked after the place while we were in Europe.

28/6/12 I think the nicest B+B I have stayed in. Adrian Scott, Vic

6/8/12 Sophie our dog approves wholeheartedly. Christopher, Adrian +Diana.

23/9/12 Rustic, welcoming, relaxing, a journey back in time, we’ll come again.

9/12/12 Quaint and comfortable, had a lovely one night stay, Clive, Ken + Sue.

14/1/13 A truly magical place, with all the comforts of home. Paul+Jaqui.

24/2/12 Had a great time, very peaceful. Love the loft. Thanks heaps for showing us where the locals eat and swim. Leah Hope farm bakery.

12/5/13 A very convenient place for all our jaunts and very pleasant too. Wonderful to stay in a genuinely old place and such nice hosts. Peter+Julie NZ
Ed. Helen and that cat again.

24/7/13 Great, relaxing and warm stay in the charming Coach House, Vic+Rob Bathurst NSW

20/8/13 Really dreaming if a long stay is possible. Ruth Munro.
Ed. Always possible, but not cheap, too many other people want to stay too.

29/9/13 I like the cat who’s very friendly and I liked playing with the pony and I loved the house, especially the balcony. Seb, Brad+Candy

19/10/13 Thank you for a home away from home. Maybel Leong+Tang Sau Mei, Singapore

28/10/13 Great stay, cosy in the cool weather, Nice and quiet and comfortable. Jan, John, Hazel, Yass.

2/11/13 A beautiful stay at a lovely old house and property. Thank you very much, see you again. Pru, David, Hugo and Freya Briggs

16/12/13 A peaceful break en route to Melbourne in a very interesting historic town. Lee+Greg Clark, Adelaide

9/1/14 We are a family of 7 and found the beautiful cottage to be a perfect retreat, it’s a credit to the owners to have restored the place so perfectly. Than you for making our stay stress free. We will be back. Rob, Sam and family Cranbourne

The editor admits that he has deliberately left out some comments and reserves the right to even tear really rude comments out of the book. (I have only done that once.) However come and stay and have a browse through the books. I think you’ll have to admit this is a pretty fair sample of people’s opinion.